Five step process for your online success

Do you want to buy bits & bites, a service or a product? Or would you rather work with someone that has a personal approach and builds relationships.

Lets be honest no one likes to work with people they don't like. This is not the 1930's, business doesn't have be cold.

Relationships come first for us. This ensures that you get to feel the warmth that comes from doing something that matters to you. We focus first on the human element and then on the tech to support your dream.

We make sure to build relationships before we place our hands on the keyboard to write any lines of code.

You can reach your online success by following our five step process. Along the way you will have a meaningful experience.

This is what happens when we work together:

1 First Impressions Count

One night stands might be fun but they rarely lead to a long term relationship. We do not follow the code of the cowboys, doing a quick sloppy job and snatching as much cash as we can.

Instead we get to know each other first. You get to know us, and we get to know you.

  • Contact Us

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  • Introductory Call

    A short 15 minute call where you get to tell us about your business, time-frame, budget. What kind of solution are you looking for and why.

  • Enumeration meeting

    If we reach this phase, we seem to be a good fit. The aim of the session is to discovery the technical solutions that you need. We will ask questions and quietly listen to what you have to say. You get the chance to tell us your aspirations.

    We want to understand your vision and help you fulfil your potential. We will work together to identify what it is that you want and why.

    Although the project can change in it's lifetime this is the part where we will lock the scope of the work. Any changes thereafter might need a reassessment of the work and cost involved.

You should get a warm fuzzy feeling about us and
a clear understanding of what we are about to build

2 Planning

  • Quote

    Once we have uncovered all the details of your project. We will have a clear sense of the scope. You will receive a fixed quote along with our contractual terms.

    Your quote will briefly outline the scope of the work to be covered and when we will start the work. Apart from support, we tend to work with one customer at a time. That means you will have our undivided attention.

    Once you accept the opportunity to work with us, you will receive an invoice. A 50% deposit is required before we continue. Don't worry, we won't do a runner to Bali.

    If for whatever reason our contact gets terminated we will refund the portion of your deposit that has been unused. All the details are listed in our contract.

  • Roadmap

    Time to get very specific. In this phase we layout the architects plans.

    Based on what you told us we will reverse engineer your scope of work. We will help you identify the essential components of your application. They are the ones that will provide the most value to your business and customers. We are after present and future impact.

    We tend to scaffold up and build things through phases by using sprints and agile methodologies. That gives you the option to grow fast and on stable foundations.

  • Add on packages

    We will offer you or identify any additional packages that are essential for your project's success. Eg. hosting, speed optimisation, security, analytics, interaction optimisation.

You have our commitment and dedication. A clear roadmap to your success highlighting the most essential components.

3 Pedal to the metal

This where the magic happens. We start crafting your application, using clean code and best practices, based on the roadmap. Reaching our common milestone goals.

Work for us

  • Build a development server
  • Versioning system (git), Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development (TDD/BDD)
  • Wireframe, design, theme, colours, typography, services
  • We build the overall theme (header footer, content pages, homepage, key pages as product, checkout)
  • Scaffold project
  • Wireframe/processes
  • Work in agile sprints
  • You will receive short updates weekly of where we are
  • Ask you clarifying detail questions that affect the development

Work for you

  • We will ask you for all your assets: images, logos, content, designs, wireframes, page layout
  • Add products, taxes payment integrations
  • Account logins

Your project gets a breath of life. You receive weekly updates about the progress of the project.

4 Houston, we got a problem!

Time to give us your feedback and make changes. You get opportunities to intervene in the implementation of different aspect of your application. This is the part you review our work. We want to weed out any bugs and make sure your application is stable and to your liking.

This is not the part of the story you change the scope. But it can be a part where you say how you might think things can be improved.

What happens:

  • Feedback from you
  • Uncover bugs and fix them
  • Corrections, Optimisations
  • You gain access to the development server
  • We usually apply one round of revision
  • Final 50% payment
  • Apply the corrections

Publish ready application tailored to your needs

5 Three.. Two.. One.. Lift off!

Congratulations!!! Time to pop the champaign and celebrate.

Your application gets released into the wild world of the internet to thrive. This is known as the go live, the launch. The event that signifies your success preceded by a thorough process.

We won't let you hanging
Depending on the project we might offer you a 6-12 month retainer for any upcoming changes and support.

You will feel eager to hire us again. Tell your friends all about your experience with us.

Bugs fix guarantee

We will always fix bugs free of charge to make sure the code is working as it was intended.

We use high coding standards to ensure the quality of our code. While we do our best and there will be times which our code will have bugs.

Due to the nature of hand crafting code there will be times which things don't work as expected. We use automated and manual tests to ensure your code works as it was intended. It starts with reassuring ourselves first and striving for bug free code.

Bug fixing doesn't mean changing the functionality. It means to make sure that the code works as it was designed and expected to work.

A lot of times these kinds of bugs are introduced at later stages. The more users that use and interact with your application the easier it is to find them. Usually it comes beyond the point of launching.

Are you ready to work with us?

Yes! Let's make something beautiful together

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