About Us

Under the Coco Tree is a web development company. We like to be creative, we like to do it in style and we like to be calm about it.

Put your feet up and let us do the work under the shade of our tree. We are laid back but that doesn't mean we are lazy. We see ourselves as creative visionaries. We put things together and make them tick to server your needs and ours. We like to keep our feet wet and work hard.

We like to be on time but we don't like stress. It all comes down to understanding and good planning. We keep things simple, write clear code so everybody can understand it.

Our experience with the web starts from the early 2000. Yes, things have changed since then and we do enjoy to ride the wave of change. At Under the Coco Tree we have over 9 years of experience with Magento (e-shop). We like to build web applications. These days we are expanding on our mobile experience. Yup, responsive websites are no longer an option they are a must. We like to flirt with mobile apps.

We like to be strategic, we like to automate to make everyone lives easier.

We love working with start up's and people we want to be friends with. Why? New beginning are always exciting. We like to prototype and get the ball rolling. We work with agile methodologies to make sure we are on the cutting edge and not stuck with the old. We know you don't want to wait and neither do we. Lunch it to the world as fast as possible to get feedback. Fast doesn't mean broken, it means to not be monolithic or bloated up with unnecessary features that would just benefit our pockets and not yours.

If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late.

Reid Hoffman the founder of LinkedIn

We believe that your website is your greatest marketing tool that brings customers in through the door. These days whenever we get a business card or want to look at what someone is doing we check their website. If it inspires us, we buy.

If have read up to this point, your are probably interested in talking to us. Go ahead and contact us then.