In the faceless web it is great to get a vibe of what other people have to say about us. Read on our testimonials about our brand and our services. This is why our customers think Under the Coco Tree is great.

Under the Coco Tree understand design and sincerely listen to the clients' requirements. It was very pleasant experience to try multiple iterations of what we wanted without any issues.

Asif Shahinsha, Director - Thirty Four Ltd

I would highly recommend Under the Coco Tree for any start-up or existing business that requires a web platform that is efficient, well thought out and well designed with an eye to aesthetic detail. Through their coding they create a website that has a simple to use back end and a seamless simplicity for the customer facing front end. They have been, and continue to be, an invaluable source of know-how and continued ongoing support and development for the online side of my business.

Kingsley Hamilton, Director - Sukrew.com

I recommend Under the Coco Tree because Phoebus works around your specific vision and needs. He can recognize what the website should be to reflect exactly what you want to accomplish. He can read through your needs when you are not even aware that you needed it, or how to express that need. Very intuitive and detail oriented! Thank you Phoebus!

Chef Alexia - chefalexia.com/