Do you have questions about the way we conduct our business? In our FAQ's we cover everything from how we get paid to how long it takes to build an e-shop or a website.


Do you do Woocommrece and Wordpress?

We don't know do you take a Ferrari and loaded with trash for the tip? Wordpress is a weird breed as much as we like it, it also comes with a lot of stuff under the hood. When it comes to e-commerce although there is the option of Woocommerce we don't recommend it.

Certain solutions are made for different needs. We feel that Woocommerce can bring a lot to some customers that need a way to sell some items, yes it has worked for many others. We don't like it because it's like using a massive stone to kill a bird. We tend to find more eloquent ways to solve your problems.

But I have a Wordpress site, how can I sell my services or items? Can you help me?

Yes we can, we have a service to integrate payment systems to almost any website. Contact us with your details and we will let you know what we can do for you.

Web Development

How long does it take to build an e-shop?

It depends on the level of customisation.

Websites and e-shops take as long as they need to be ready. When we start with our meeting we set the scope. The scope gets based on your needs.

The same way you wouldn't buy a family car to run on a F1 piste, we are not going to suggest that you use more or less than your needs.

There are times that the scope gets divided into stages. Mostly to make projects more manageable, to build our relationship with you and to make sure you never over invest in your project.

An average project takes a couple of months to make sure everything is running smoothly.

How much does it take cost to build an e-commerce site?

Prices are relative to a customer's needs.

We use our secret formula to balance, time, effort and value provided.

If you want an estimate, view our get a free quote for your online project page.


Can you build it for me and we pay you later?

No. We don't like this business model of giving everything away and then hoping that we will get paid. The risks become to high for us.

What are your payment terms then?

Each project is different, it varies on size and scope. Usually we start with a down payment and split to a few payments. The payments are either split with milestones or at a specific time.

If payments stops, works stops. If works stops payment stop. The control is mutually shared.

What kind of payments do you accept?

We prefer bank transfers. We have accounts that we can accept USD, GBP and EUR.

You can also pay us through our website with a debit card or a credit card. We use stripe as our payment provider.

At the moment we don't accept PayPal payments.


What does Under the Coco Tree mean?

It means the man who sits under a coconut tree by the beach. All relaxed and happy without any cares in the world.

This is how we view life and this is how we want you to feel when we look after your online business.

What kind of website do I need?

You mean there is more than one kind of website?

Yes, the web is complex. In your day to day browsing you come in contact with different kind of websites.

  • You use e-commerce sites that you do your shopping such as Amazon, Selfridges, Waitrose.
  • You probably use social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • You read articles on blog sites.
  • You use web applications such as gmail.

Most sites are a mash up of different kinds of functionality. Once again it will depend on your needs.

We tend to listen to your needs and then we decide on the jargon and the details that we need to use to solve your problem.